fabrika 2KOROZO started its personal care portfolio under SAREKS brand in 2006.

In a short time, SAREKS was specialized in the manufacturing of disposable components for baby diapers, adult incontinence and femcare industries with it’s production of closure tapes, frontal tapes, backsheets and elastic ears in general. 

SAREKS has reached a size where it needed to expand from current Korozo Istanbul site.  In 2013 the new & modern SAREKS plant was in it’s new location in Cerkezkoy, located 75 km from Istanbul.

As of January 1st, 2015,  “Sareks Ambalaj San. ve Tic. AS” has officially become a new company.

SAREKS is a full in-house manufacturing plant, supplying all stages of materials, including complex production technologies like knitting, extrusion coating, laminating, printing, slitting. Also the plant is capable of warehousing, 

The advantage of SAREKS is worldwide deliveries, short lead times, customized product development and all in one plant product integration.

By using the flexible packaging experience of KOROZO, SAREKS is the only manufacturer in Turkey which is able to provide a full package of supplies to diaper manufacturers, from components to the PE bags. 

As a recent development in 2016, SARROOF became the new brand name of the Group for construction industry under the umbrella of SAREKS, producing barrier sheets for roof, facade, wet grounds, infrastructure and automotive industries. 

With its advanced technology and strong R&D background, SARROOF is aiming to bring fast innovations to the market.

Employing over  120 technicians and experts in its manufacturing facility with a closed area of 16.000 sqm and total area is 25.000 m2.

Today SAREKS exports to more than 35 countries worldwide, having offices in France, Germany and UK.

By holding it’s ISO 9001 certificate, QC team can conduct all necessary tests in-house.  

With its dynamic structure, SAREKS aims to lead the whole sector in hygene and construction sectors , and takes Korozo’s leading position in packaging as a model.